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In my thoughts

  • ↪ Inside reply towards @PaulGGibbons’s seems fantastic, give consideration to #BarCamp protocols CC-BY licensed.

    The Think that Much larger Assume Improved podcast sounds appealing too.

    Recent Articles

    Could supply https://paulgibbons.net/podcasts/ a tune in. Trivia: My partner and i was initially more or less the objectives two bottle primary (in option to help you CS) during university!

  • 15 years gone @KevinMarks & I just announced in my personal thoughts ETech 2004 “real earth semantics” appointment, in advance of #RDFa #microdata etc., utilizing <15k #HTMLFirst + inline #CSS+#JS: tantek.com/presentations/2004etech/realworldsemanticspres.html (faster in comparison with JS-only slides)

    Previously: tantek.com/t4UY2 (https://twitter.com/t/status/433494367601717248)

    Since then:
    * drop that (X), really HTML
    * meta tickets always word wide web alchemy, possibly extra full Dried out rot
    * h-entry superceded hAtom/hentry/rel="bookmark" : microformats.org/wiki/h-entry
    * recommendations: hReview always more responsible compared to nearly anything by Search engines (https://aaronparecki.com/2016/12/17/8/owning-my-reviews).

    Utilize h-review presently microformats.org/wiki/h-review
    * syndication: h-feed publishing/consuming rising instantly.

    in great thoughts

    * music playlists however unsolved for the purpose of virtually any cross-site/service best profits covers note examples 15 several years ago:
    * tantek.com/log/2004/02.html#d12t0012

  • #trailtuesdaythrowback to help survive #Saturday by #SFRC.

    15km associated with fluffy atmosphere, emerald slopes, muddy paths, and also your blue-green Hawaiian river. Last #longrun previously in your feelings Sea Chabot 30k that Saturday.

    #optoutside #trailrun #trailrunner #trailrunning #Marin #MarinHeadlands
    #California #30ktraining #run #runner #fromwhereirun #whereirun #latergram #nofilter #2019_040

  • Beautiful get started in order to this morning’s #SFRC #trailrun around #MillValley, appreciating the #egret wading inside your glass-like representation regarding moderately #cloudy #bluesky.

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  • Another terrific #typography serious diving, through @myravery:

    Blade Runner: https://typesetinthefuture.com/2016/06/19/bladerunner/

    Checked to notice in the event that @adactio possessed viewed the idea and even about path he possessed, around 2.5 numerous years ago: https://adactio.com/links/10852

    #BladeRunner #scifi #latetotheparty

  • #indieweb HWCSF

    @beacreahttps://coty.design revealed to #scifi #variablefonthttps://www.readvisions.com/marvin

    Cool scrolling & float benefits together with #JS, nonetheless makes attractively without having JS.

    Tantek Çelik

    Very good accelerating progress. #HTMLfirst #CSS #variablefonts #typography

  • #indieweb Homebrew Websites Club @MozSF:

    @jackyalcine (nice site: https://jacky.wtf) came way up with the help of a fabulous excellent backronym regarding "js;dr":

    JavaScript [required]; Didn’t Render

    Original #js;dr dfn: tantek.com/2015/069/t1/js-dr-javascript-required-dead (https://twitter.com/t/status/575434935554584576)

  • 👍 to help subject 2395 with GitHub mission “dw-free”

  • ↪ With solution to @nuzz’s this up coming a particular :)

    But severely, on this brain a good the very least @TheNorthFace #ECSCA in Nov, and additionally hopefuly yet another an individual sooner!


  • ↪ In solution to help @thenorthfaceECS’s tweetsigned up for @TheNorthFaceECS #ECSCA 50k 2019-11-16!

    After #running #TNFECS #Marin 50k training course solitary https://twitter.com/t/status/1066972765335506944 a 7 days when very last year’s terminated rush, I’m shopping send for you to #trailrunning the application along with good friends not to mention aid stations.

    Join me: https://endurancecui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=58403351&rf=J3mbQvVVn

    FB event: https://facebook.com/events/631506720620139

    Previously, previously:
    * tantek.com/2018/329/t1/ultramarathoner
    * tantek.com/2018/333/t1/tbt-saturday-start-ecsca-course

  • the privileges about gay people essay src="https://fastly.4sqi.net/img/general/width960/476_k7SCSMYVvsI9EY2RjoFa9UJR-yHSQHWPxWQeWmTuQlQ.jpg">Miles in confuses earlier all the area.

    Structured towards operated 18 kilometers throughout typically the bad weather. Happened to run 15.7 (25km) within big really winds instead.

    My initial #SFRC #trail #run the following season. #trailrun #50ktraining

    The atmosphere parted simply because you started[2]. Lower 50s(F) by means of wind it manually gusts.

    in your thoughts

    Rivers coursing decrease trails[3]. Squishier, muddier.

    in great thoughts

    Worms in all places plus some few banana slugs too[4].

    Sparkly sunlit paths[5], greenery lusher in comparison with usual[6], location skyline right behind emerald green hills[7], pinching the #VOR[8].

    Slight cloudburst for Tennessee Pit trailhead. Delivered dwelling not to mention shortly your rainfall returned.

    #cloudy #rainy #puddles #Marin #SF #latergram #nofilter

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  • ↪ Around reply so that you can mxb.at’s postGreat @mxbck put up With Straightforwardness https://mxb.at/blog/on-simplicity/ by means of @adactio

    Additionally: easier methods usually are far more comprehensive & offered, e.g.

    #microformats & #indieweb

    Fewer abstractions = a lesser amount of to help you uncover previous to having started.

    Simpler = a smaller amount effort fee upon water lines, tooling; swifter to make sure you construct photo essay approximately nature extra useful.

    Less effort recommended = even more tinkerable by means of even more families, notably some of those utilizing a smaller amount burn precious time relating to that margins = alot more inclusive in addition to accessible.

    The @microformats and @indiewebcamp organizations currently have deliberately particular explicitly better approaches:
    * microformats.org/wiki/start-simple
    * doing #microformats2 possibly even simpler: microformats.org/wiki/microformats2-origins#can_we_make_the_simplest_case_simpler
    * That IndieWeb Generating Obstructs approach (https://indieweb.org/building-blocks) somewhat compared with some monolithic "Stack"

    Choosing explicitly better approaches can be extra than only appearing wise & valuable, it’s ethically the perfect issue to be able to do.

    Simpler is normally some sort of sociopolitical pick that will by design offer a lot more very creative organisation to make sure you even more many people.

    Beyond basically much more understandable by just a lot more many people, less difficult modern advances help much more persons in order to develop, fine-tune, vary, advance their particular own personal methods about designing, as an alternative as opposed to dependant for any around the feelings lucky couple of to be able to achieve so.

    Previously, free advanced schooling job application essay tantek.com/2018/309/t1/complexity-reinforces-privilege
    * tantek.com/2010/034/t3/simplicity

  • ↪ Around remedy to make sure you @dustyweb’s @sl007 great!

    Generally amazing if hackathon demonstrations work!
    Any snap shots as a result of y’all or perhaps the inspirational quotes homework located at #wizardstower2019?

    If you will will be able to posting and / or weblink a within the actual upcoming Thirty min we have to come to be ın a position towards acquire it all to this This Few days On The actual #IndieWeb newsletter.

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  • #Caltrain commute #SF-MV-SF however found terrible online connectivity possibly about #mifi #hotspot wireless #tethering.

    Good reminder associated with #webdev demands just for minutes web site measurements & desires, developing augmentation that will is effective if/when CSS/JS would not fill.

    Consider the word characteristic when ever an individual happen to be wanting with regard to the verb.

    Not necessarily #js;dr http://tantek.com/2015/069/t1/js-dr-javascript-required-dead

  • ↪ Around answer back for you to @orlandomediaco’s @orlandomediaco many of us can include all the #IndieWeb Peak co threshold distinction essay pertaining to June 29-30 within Portland, Or, a good tid bit more that will you will. Enroll in us! Could be good that will currently have you!


    Chat for https://chat.indieweb.org/ in cases where anyone currently have virtually any questions!

  • Homebrew Web-site Clb SF!

    When: 2026; Where: Mozilla San Francisco Host: Tantek C7;elik

    17:30: Elective authoring hours and relaxing socializing
    18:30: IndieWeb demos not to mention identify night!

    Topics for this unique week:

    Work with a community together with like-minded hobbies.

    Just to Help You will Fully understand which So i am Believing from You

    Get buddies in which require an important individual online site, or perhaps are planning to pursue dissertation tunes technological know-how inc an important good, free web!

    Almost any questions? Talk to through #indieweb Slack as well as IRC

    Additional information: IndieWeb Wiki Celebration Page

    RSVP: publish an indie RSVP in ones individual site!

  • ↪ On a emotions interact in order to jackjamieson.net’s awesome! We included your current dialogue about connecting open cyberspace not to mention communal marketing in order to typically the #IndieWeb wiki happenings page: https://indieweb.org/Events#jackjamieson-2019-030
    Feel complimentary for you to establish it has the have wiki page.

    Remember for you to acquire portraits regarding the group, ask many people for you to require pix connected with ones talk!

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  • Sky for flames, lox asiago bagel, geometric lamp fixture shadows.


    #sunrise #dolorespark #loxbagel #lamp #shadows #latergram #nofilter

  • 🌴🌅🌆 Several #NPSF sunrises (MWF) and additionally an important alone Thursday #sunset.

    The idea was initially a fabulous fine week.

    #sf #wakeupthesun #fromwhereirun #run #novemberprojectsf #runner #novemberproject #runners #dawn #sunrise #latergram #nofilter


    #2019_021 Dolores Park
    2. #2019_023 Alta Plaza Park
    3. #2019_025 Solitary Mountain peak wanting in Buena Vista
    4. #2019_027 Casual Pile looking for BV, Corona Heights, along with downtown

  • ↪ Throughout solution to help @freshelectrons’s tweetThanks for that recollection @freshelectrons, in addition to awesome in order to meet you will @!

    2006 web site publish at @LeahCulver & my @Yahoo #HackDay Second set win: @Flickr Photograph Postcard hack, which will most people @CreativeCommons published:

    Flickr embeds even so operate terrific.

    Along with feeling nostalgic meant for in which typical Flickr picture UI.

  • signed away just for @insidetrail Chabot Trl Operated 30k 2019-02-16!


    This may end up the further 30k #trailrace; produced #RodeoValley 30k continue year: tantek.com/2018/175/t1/finished-rodeovalley-my-first-30k

    Reading beyond Chabot 30k run research by simply @@_and_dash:

    * https://amythepunisher.com/2016/02/22/race-report-inside-trail-racing-lake-chabot-30k/
    * https://kineticfix.com/2014/02/22/race-recap-chabot-trail-run-30k/
    * https://www.therunnerstrip.com/2014/02/inside-trails-3rd-annual-lake-chabot-race/
    * https://jensrunningblog.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/race-recap-chabot-30k/

    FB event: https://facebook.com/events/739010156477845


  • to: blog.archive.org’s postattending A good Remarkable Re-Opening from any General public Space satirical composition regarding toxins homework Excellent speaks just by @@ & more!

    Proud regarding public domain name neighborhood work:
    #microformats.org ^1
    #indieweb.org as founding^2


    ^1 Seeing that 2007-12-29: microformats.org/2007/12/29/making-open-standards-as-open-as-possible
    ^2 Ever since founding for 2011! https://indieweb.org/IndieWeb:Copyrights

  • ↪ With answer for you to @emilylewis’s @microformats even so truly worth it (search machines yet support), and additionally valid!

    New web sites should certainly contain #microformats2 markup just for #indieweb service, #webmentions etc.

    @emilylewis conceivably time frame for the purpose of the 2nd erectile dysfunction.

    utilizing microformats2?

    LGBT Webcomics

    Happy so that you can specialist modify 😊

    See also: microformats.org/wiki/faq#When_should_I_use_microformats2_or_microformats1

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  • to: Tantek’s eventhosting Homebrew Webpage Tavern # tonight!

    One 12 months past today: #IndieWeb constructing hindrances produced @W3C:
    * #IndieAuth #W3C Note: https://www.w3.org/TR/2018/NOTE-indieauth-20180123/
    * #WebSub W3C Recommendation!

    https://twitter.com/t/status/956354767596539904 (formerly @pubsubhubbub #pubsubhubbub)

  • Homebrew Webpage Pub SF!

    When: 2026; Where: Mozilla San Francisco Host: Tantek C7;elik

    17:30: Recommended authoring 60 minute block and also peaceful socializing
    18:30: IndieWeb demos in addition to get into night!

    Topics regarding this approach week:

    Become a member of a good neighborhood together with like-minded needs.

    Carry associates the fact that require a fabulous zitieren von gesetzen beispiel essay webpage, and also are actually fascinated around a good balanced, unbiased web!

    Latest Comics

    Virtually any questions? Talk to inside #indieweb Slack and / or IRC

    Further information: IndieWeb Wiki Event Page

    RSVP: post a good indie RSVP upon ones own site!

  • Upcoming IndieWebCamps!
    2/23-24 Austin texas https://2019.indieweb.org/austin
    Save weekends:
    3/09 Via the internet indieweb.org/2019/Online
    3/30 Different Engine indieweb.org/2019/NHV
    5/04 Berlin indieweb.org/2019/Berlin
    5/11 Düsseldorf indieweb.org/2019/Dusseldorf
    6/29 Summit!


  • to: the IndieWeb eventgoing to make sure you @IndieWebCamp Austin texas 2019-02-232026;24!

    Join us! Help to make 2019 a 365 days an individual individual ones content and articles as well as go ethnical multimedia to help you basically distribution.

    Limited $5 tickets: https://2019.indieweb.org/austin

    All levels!

    Welcome... Get Cash. Help make Buddies. Possess Fun!

    Secure initiated, build, innovate. #indieweb #dweb

    More: https://indieweb.org/2018/NYC

  • ↪ During reply to help you @meyerweb’s perhaps even improved 2014; possibly this (subconscious) prodigy of it! Being aware of (feeling?) the fact that undohtml does not really meaningfully present a particular performance, consequently logically (re)naming even typically the theory to make sure you an item reduced, extra unforgettable & effortlessly (re)teachable, thereby really serving to much more people.

  • ↪ Inside reply for you to @meyerweb’s that last mentioned presented everybody any large amount related to any worth about improved naming.

    * undohtml.css 2014; hardly any a remembers (tantek.com/log/2004/09.html#d06t2354 & a person's follow-up https://meyerweb.com/eric/thoughts/2004/09/15/emreallyem-undoing-htmlcss/)
    * reset.css 2014; everybody applies (http://meyerweb.com/eric/thoughts/2007/04/18/reset-reasoning/ ~3 decades eventually too!)

    Name points (tools especially) by just value/function to help you all the operator, rather rather than literal pipe joints functionality.

    Hey by minimum this permalink slugs own upgraded.